Here is what past clients are saying.

This program has been a life changer for me. My doctor is happy with the results and has said keep up the good work. I have lowered my A1c and all I am doing is eating delicious nutritious food. I highly recommend this program to people who are struggling with prediabetes.


Johanna’s compassionate nature and educational instruction helped me to look internally to better understand the root causes for my increased stress levels. In doing so I have been able to show more love towards myself and practice better self care. I am thankful for Johanna’s help and highly recommend working with her.


I wanted to see if i could do it and I did, despite the cravings that is and will always be a hard part. But with all the positive feedback and support you receive from everyone else in the program makes you feel that you can conquer anything. Since I am type 2 diabetic my A1c went down and my other numbers having to do with diabetes were reduced to normal. I will be honest there are some things i do miss but not to the point where i will emotional eat or binge. I have more energy and sleep a lot better and have a more positive outlook on many things in my life.


I lost 2-3 pounds in 5 days without really trying. My main goal was to lower my fasting blood sugar which seems to have reduced 10-20 points as of the 5th day. Having a group to check in with helps motivate me to stay on track.


I want you know I have really enjoyed the classes and would like to do them again if you offer them. The class is very good and I credit it with helping me on the 10k I walked a week ago. I did great time and my mile pace was under 15 minutes for the full 10k. I was very happy with my cardio performance. Thank you for your class!


This program has greatly improved my health. My A1C is down from 6.4 to 5.8. I recommend it for everyone! We currently have a health epidemic because of the way people are eating. This program addresses that to get us back to how we are supposed to be eating to take care of a human body, not just (barely) survive in this modern, over stretched world. I feel better, better digestion, improved energy, better sleep, better moods. I lost over 30 lbs as a result of the program. I am so grateful for your support and guidance Johanna!


I loved that this program was designed to be “real”. Real foods, real challenges, real solutions and options. I have no desire to return to my previous eating style. I have a renewed belief that my health goals are possible. Reduced joint pain, elimination of acid reflux, reduced blood pressure. I lost a total of 25 pounds in 6 weeks.


At the beginning of coaching, my goals were to lose weight, cook more meals at home, and drink more water. Johanna helped me achieve all three while I never felt like I was on a diet. I’ve learned how to eat more holistically and was guided through paying attention to how my body responds to certain foods. Probably the biggest takeaway for me was learning how the other things besides food affect my overall health and well-being; my job, my relationships, etc. Working with Johanna has been invaluable. She is not only supportive, but very knowledgeable and insightful. Since working with her, I’ve lost weight, learned how to eat healthier while still enjoying meals, started working out at home, and I now have a healthier relationship with my work. A big highlight was Johanna’s help planning a healthier, but still satisfying Thanksgiving dinner; a huge success! Working with Johanna has made a significant difference in not only my waist line but my overall wellness. I highly recommend working with her.


Before the 6-Day Post-Summer Detox, I was skeptical about vegan eating. I thought I would miss my standard go-to foods for snacks like string cheese or yogurt. But I was feeling bloated and tired, depending on caffeine more and more. The problem with that was that I slept poorly off and on because I would caffeinate too late in the day. My heart rate also started to increase. The Detox seemed like the best choice. Through the 6-Day Post-Summer Detox, I was surprised that I enjoyed the food so much and never felt deprived. After detoxing from caffeine I noticed I had more energy as the week progressed. The bloating also decreased. My cravings for foods also were greatly reduced. I seemed less moody and sleep consistently well. I will continue to use these recipes and techniques.


Before the detox, my idea of a healthy meal was a SUBWAY sandwich with wheat bread and no mayo and “healthy” eating was intimidating because I did not know where to start. After the detox, I realize you really can eat healthy and it tastes great. My body was retaining fluid and after only 7 days of the detox, I had lost 11 pounds and my ankles and fingers looked normal!!


I had participated in a previous 3 week detox and had good results, so I was eager to try Johanna’s program. I found that I was better able to understand why certain foods were restricted and it was easier to give up some things that I had previously struggled with over 3 weeks, since I knew surely I could do one week! All the tools were there and Johanna’s supportive and accepting manner made it a truly enjoyable experience. I would recommend this program for any one wanting to feel lighter and freer. I no longer feel I have to have certain foods. It is amazing how just a week can make such a difference.


I’m feeling like a million bucks! It took a full 7 days to get my gut turned around, but by Tuesday of this week I felt like I was going to LIVE! I’m so glad I did the detox, I would have paid twice that going to see my MD and they would have put me back on an elimination diet. Since it took the entire week of the detox I wasn’t able to really enjoy all the foods, so I was planning on doing it again in a couple of months. I loved several recipes in the detox diet and I’m still making them this week. I lost 3 lbs. and my clothes are fitting better than ever!


The detox was amazing with very delicious and easy recipes. It helped with my elimination of using the bathroom more easy and more frequent. It provided me with more energy and lightness throughout my body. I even lost weight. The detox gave me a feeling of purpose and strength. And Johanna, my coach, made everything even better with giving me the encouragement and all the constructive and informative knowledge about the detox. I advise everyone who wants their body to be empowered from the inside out to participate in the detox with Johanna!!! Once you do, your body and mind will thank you!! Because it leaves you feeling Amazing and Strong.


Before the Simple 7 Day Spring Detox, I just talked about making a change for my health. I battle with high blood pressure and take medications. After reading the information on the detox program, I was motivated to make some adjustment in my daily routine. Didn’t think I would make it but I disciplined myself very well. Through the Simple 7 Day Spring Detox, I was able to lower my blood pressure during that time. I lost some inches and I am changing the way I eat. I even introduced my husband to a couple of the recipes. I definitely plan to try to keep making changes to become more healthy.


Through the 6-Day Post-Summer Detox, I was able to better my relationship with my body. I know better how my body handles certain foods and am better equipped to listen to it. I better know how to hear it when my body is asking for help. This has translated over to an overall improvement to all aspects of my life, especially work and family.


[After the 6-Day Post-Summer Detox,] I felt so much lighter. I did not step on the scale before and after, but it was obvious that I lost a little bit of weight. My face was glowing too, my skin looked great. I also noticed that my feet were not swelling in the morning anymore and the pain in my hands had lessened.


Through the 6 day post summer detox, I was able to identify foods that caused issues with my body and eliminate them. I learned how to make better choices and found replacements for foods. I also found many new recipes and foods that I enjoyed just as much and were healthier options.


I am a busy mother of 3 teenagers, and I very rarely bothered to take myself into consideration. However, I realized I needed to take care of my body and mind. My husband works in Texas so me finding a little bit of time for myself was hard until I decided to “work it into my schedule.” Several months ago, I decided to give water aerobics and sculpting class at TCTI a try. Yes, I was uncertain my first visit. I left feeling amazing. I couldn’t wait to go back! Now I look so forward to Johanna’s classes. Me time, for my mind, my body, and my over all well-being. It caused a domino effect. I felt better, therefore I wanted to do better. I began eating healthy, drinking smoothies (I love when she posts ingredients for one on Facebook) and taking better care of ME. As a result, I have dropped several sizes, I have toned my body, and I feel like I give my family a better mom and wife. I am comfortable in my skin. I am more confident. Both classes have women of every shape, every size, and every skill. There is no judgment; there is nothing but support. My weight loss and toning has made me a better ME!


I had been doing the same workout for the past 20 years... I know that this is hard to believe but it is true. My exercising was no longer challenging, productive or fun but rather a routine that I had to do. When Johanna became my personal trainer, she infused new life into my workout. She custom-designed a fitness program that is tailored to my needs and goals. Johanna is so encouraging and enthusiastic about my progress that it makes me look forward to getting to the gym. Daily, I am seeing results of being a part of Love Your Health!!


My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were that I wanted to be healthier for later in life, lose weight and to get my confidence back. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me see what I ate on a daily basis, find new recipes to try and give me knowledge to help make better choices. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I was able to lose weight at the rate I needed to sustain it. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I am more aware of what I eat and the nutritional value of the foods I now eat. I would describe my coach as helpful, knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly. I would recommend my coach to anyone who not only wants to lose weight but also who wants to have a healthy lifestyle.


I will be the first to admit: when it comes to working out I can come up with more excuses NOT to go!!! But classes with Johanna Fassbender are so fun!!! I burn, I complain, but I try!!! And I feel so amazing when I’m done. I have energy. My mind is clear and it’s just such a good feeling!!! Thank Johanna for making it fun so I want to come back again and again!!


OMG Im so happy with ur products. I had some dry skin and i could feel it on bottom of my feet. I have been using different creams and they would only help very temporarily. Ur body butter is amazing! Completely takes away the dry feeling. Even if im busy and rushing to work and don’t have time to apply every morning! THANK YOU! Also has helped my dry skin from the chlorine after swimming in the pool. Whoooo Hoooo! I will be ordering more and sharing with friends. The scrub is also wonderful! Wish I would have been ordering from the first day u created these fantastic products!


Johanna is great to work with. As I lived a distance from her our meetings were through live media. Johanna encouraged and taught me how to eat healthier, how to shop healthier and how to take better care of my self. She was always encouraging and helpful. She provided the tools needed to help you reach goals. She was always quick and courteous to respond when there was a problem or a question. If you are looking for improved health and need support and education in doing so Johanna is GREAT!! Thank you for your help Johanna and I pray you continue in your work in coaching others in a healthier lifestyle. It is truly your calling. 😃


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